The Tube Guy is a shop that specializes in the repair, refurbishment and customization of vintage electronics with the focus on tube equipment. 

My job is to keep my customers happy and your gear working the way you want it, preferably for a reasonable cost. My shop is very well equipped to handle the most demanding jobs complete with access to quality parts that can be delivered quickly.

I built my first tube amp when I was 17 years old. Throughout my High Tech career I have worked on planes, trains, automobiles and nuclear reactors but my passion has always been with audio gear. So what was a hobby for me is now an active little business.

I’m also a musician which brings me closer to understanding the needs of my customers. I gigged throughout the Ottawa valley for many years.

Partial list of gear I’ve worked on: Yamaha,  Ampex, Fender, Ampeg, Guyatone, Garnet, Marshall, Silvertone, Gibson, Traynor / Yorkville, Lifco / Regal / Pepco, EVH, Yamaha, Technics, Panasonic, Sherwood, Luxman, Marantz, Dynaco, Sony, Dual, Garrard

Please note that I do not sell tubes as a retailer but would be happy to install new tubes complete with bias check or adjustments for a nominal fee.

The Tube Guy doesn’t do repairs on digital/HDMI equipment.

Please tell me about your requirement and I will contact you as soon as possible.